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The people who have a garden or a beautiful lawn always want to maintain it in a healthy and easy manner. For them Gilmour Greenlawn sprayer has come as a boon. This lawn sprayer can do a various types of job like treating weeds, stripping wallpaper, fertilizing, chemical level checking, and spraying water to plant etc.

Gilmour Greenlawn sprayer is one type of translucent tank which can check the chemical level. In this lawn sprayer three – way pressure relieving valve is present which help to prevent over pressure. This valve also helps to release pressure easily when job is completed. There is a yellow band which indicates the pressure of full working. It is constructed with special polymer which helps to increase its resistance and durability against chemicals. Large opening of tank is provided for convenient and easy filling. It also helps to clean the tank properly.

The use of Gilmour Greenlawn sprayer is also easy. There is a valve which is totally controlled by thumb and in the handle there is a wand storage clip. Moreover the tank’s translucent look makes easy to maintain the standard chemical levels. Besides the checking of chemical levels, this sprayer will help you to do various types of job like spraying fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides. It will also help you water your plants.

The capacity of this versatile sprayer is about one and a half gallon of insecticides, liquid fertilizer, herbicides, weed killer or water.  It has a specialized port for the hose which is attached with it and for the included wand. This feature makes it unique from others. The nozzle makes it more versatile which can be adjusted in case of fine mist or a coarse spray.

The unit is also easily movable as it is light weighted. You should need this sprayer to maintain your garden and lawn in an easy and beautiful way.